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August 16, 2012
I thought that I’d take a few minutes to share my reflections regarding the experience I recently had with the Hannemann Funeral Home of Nyack.
My dear father's health began to fail last August. For ten months my family and I advocated for him and hoped that his illness could be managed and that he would stabilize and return home. After six hospital stays, and two stints in rehab,it became apparent that my father was dying. On June 27th, my family and I surrounded dad as he began the last hours of his life. My father died late at night. I didn't know what to expect when I called information to get the phone number for Hannemann’s Funeral Home that night. I had planned to leave a message with the hope of a return call in the morning.  I was shocked when Keith Taylor picked up the phone. His kind, professional manner helped guide me through a productive, albeit difficult, conversation about the next steps. I was able to share the details of the conversation with my family and we left the Critical Care Unit of Good Samaritan Hospital that night with a renewed sense of calm and clarity for the first time in months!
The next five days stood in sharp contrast to the ten months of my father’s illness. No matter how anxious our questions or how worried we were, we felt heard and respected. Keith, Brian and Shaun have a gift for making people feel comfortable and safe. They never lost their patience. For all of their efforts...we are thankful and grateful!

Through the Hannemann experience, I also learned that young children can embrace death in a healthy way. My young niece and nephew talk about the loss of their grandfather without a hint of fear. I believe this is because Keith, Brian and Shaun have created a family friendly atmosphere at Hannemann's. I also learned that doing the meaningful preparation, with the guidance of dedicated professionals, in the time between a loved one’s death and their funeral, helps create a comfort level with grief which promotes reflection and healing.


Jennifer Rowell


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