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October 11, 2012

I am writing these comments about Hannemann Funeral Home with heartfelt and sincere gratitude to Keith Taylor, Brian Knecht and Shaun Cassidy. For the past 5 years, I have been the healthcare proxy and power of attorney for my Mom's nursing home roommate at Nyack Manor Nursing Home.  When my mom passed away two years ago, I experienced firsthand the overwhelming expense of a wake, funeral and burial. When Mrs. Cappiello, who has no family in this country, informed that she had no life insurance, I panicked. I set up a Pre-Plan Funeral account for her with a local funeral home, on a six-year plan. Unfortunately, Mrs. Cappiello experienced an unexpected illness, from which she did not recover.  As we were only into our second year with Pre-Plan, there was hardly enough money to proceed with our original funeral arrangements. The original funeral home was unwilling or unable to reduce their expenses. I spoke with my parish priest, Father Mastrolia and Deacon Buonocore from St. Paul Church in Congers, and after they graciously donated the Mass, they called Keith Taylor at Hannemann Funeral Home in Nyack. The compassion and generosity of Keith, Brian and Shaun will forever be etched in my heart. They worked within my budget and presented a beautiful wake and funeral. This is a privately owned Funeral Home, and therefore answer to no one but themselves. After singing their praises to friends in the county, it seems that their generosity and compassion are legendary, as the give back to the community in many ways. The next time the need for funeral services arises, there is no doubt where I will be going. My heartfelt thanks to all at Hannemann Funeral Home.


Cindi A. Schnalzer



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